Hear My Hands, Inc., is a non profit organization dedicated to producing film and video projects in American Sign Language.


Hear My Hands

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After the completion of the Hear My Hands music video, Hear My Hands Incorporated was founded by Suzie Vigon in 1994 to produce film and video in American Sign Language (ASL), the language of the Deaf.  With offices both in Florida and Georgia, Hear My Hands has been busy raising the funds for numerous projects that will launch in 2012.

Our goal is to create entertaining and educational projects that will not only enhance the lives of 34 million deaf and hearing impaired Americans, but will also expose the hearing to the beauty of American Sign Language and to deaf culture. Deaf students, deaf adults, students studying ASL, and many parents who have seen our videos continue to ask us for more quality videos in American Sign Language. Each video or film is presented in American Sign Language, captioning and sound, providing a way for the Deaf and hearing to enjoy entertainment together.

By producing these films and videos, Hear My Hands achieves another goal: To provide opportunity for the deaf community to participate in production. We try to showcase the talents of many deaf performers, writers, editors, directors, dancers, and other production crew members. Deaf and hearing working together, in front of, and behind the camera!

We will also soon be offering educational programs within the Atlanta, Georgia area.