Our Team

Hear My Hands has a philosophy based on responsibility and mutual respect. The management team that has committed their time and efforts has done so because our environment encourages creativity and achievement. Our team welcomes you to address us with any wonderful ideas, thoughts, or projects that you feel will have an impact on the Deaf and hearing communities.

Suzie Vigon – President and Founder of Hear My Hands


Performer turned Producer, Videographer and Editor, Vigon is a self taught production jack of all trades. Before stepping into her “Producer” shoes, she spent time as a performer at the Disney MGM theme park, performed with “Hand Harmony” a musical American Sign Language group, and numerous performance venues throughout South Florida. She founded “Hear My Hands,” the non profit organization after serving as Executive Producer on the music video of the same name. People ask her all the time how she became involved with the Deaf community…… It was after volunteering with Deaf kids in Palm Beach County, that her journey with the Deaf Community began. The Hear My Hands music video was produced by securing over $100,000.00 of services, talent and equipment, all donated to produce the music video. Just imagine what Hear My Hands will do when we have a working budget!

Vigon is also the owner of Vigon Productions, a video production company that produces videos for the web.

Bache Holland – Vice President/ Executive Director of Operations-Atlanta


A seventeen year member of the Atlanta film community, Mr. Holland has spent equal time in front of and behind the camera. As the Producer of the feature film Shadow Guardians, Mr. Holland will work with deaf producers, actors and crew members to develop their skills and production experience. This experience will eventually lead to full ASL production teams that will be the future of Hear My Hands productions.

William Slater Vincent- Senior Executive/Legal Counsel


Mr. Vincent is has an active law practice in entertainment law, trust, estate planning, and business law. As a senior partner with Hear My Hands, Mr. Vincent will provide the expert legal guidance that will insure our direction and compliance. Mr. Vincent also acts as Executive Producer for the features and shows of Hear My Hands.

Michelle Hope – Producer/Assistant Director of Operations-Atlanta


As a Producer for Hear My Hands, Michelle Hope has taken deaf actors, producers and crew members under her wing with her television and internet program ASL Inside ATL. Mrs. Hope is also working with the sign language interpreting program at Georgia Perimeter College to create media training for future students. In 2008, she founded “Georgia Deaf Vote,” an initiative to register members of the Deaf community to vote.